Covid restrictions have forced Wellington Race Club to reluctantly cancel the traditional luncheon at the Hermitage Hill Wellington Boot race meeting on Sunday March 28.

“Because of the larger than usual number of jockeys who will be riding at the Boot, the tea rooms which host the luncheon will be used as the male jockeys’ room,” race club secretary Dale Jones said.

“The club explored a number alternatives to allow it to hold the luncheon elsewhere on the racecourse, but covid and logistical restrictions made it extremely difficult. With this in mind, the committee made the very hard decision this week not to hold the luncheon this year.”

With covid restrictions expected to continue easing in the next 12 months, Wellington Race Club is looking forward to hosting a bigger and better luncheon in 2022.

Mr Jones said some racegoers who had enquired about luncheon tickets were now considering having their own smaller race day marquees for their groups.

Anyone wishing to enquire about race day marquees for the Wellington Boot should email wellingtonboot@bigpond.com.au or call Wellington Race Club on 0437 778 451.

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